Articles about Track Driving

TraqJunk's President, Fred Pack, is a long-time track driver -- while he is not a champion racer, over 30 years he has put in hundreds of track days, devoted much thought into the activity and has recently been writing articles about Track Driving.

Fred currently drives a Porsche Boxster S. He has owned both street Porsches, as well as ones fully set up for the track. Over the years he has had Porsche models 914, 944, 944S2, 911, Boxster, Boxster S and GT3. Prior to becoming a Porsche fan(atic), he had Alfa GTV, BMW 1600 and 320i, and Datsun 510.

Fred is a nationally-certified track instructor for the Porsche Club of America and also instructs for Chin Motorsports, NASA, Ferrari Club, Hooked On Driving and other clubs. He also competes occasionally in the 24 Hours of LeMons series

His articles cover many aspects of track driving, and they always return to the basics -- the line, vehicle dynamics and safety. Along the way he discusses many other relevant topics.

More articles will be added over time.