Pack at the Track


Flags Each track day begins with a Drivers’ Meeting at which various information is explained to the participants. One of the topics is a review of the flags. When you are out on track the only way for the track officials and corner workers to communicate with you is by use of colored flags. It is vital that you understand the meanings of these flags. The Meeting is conducted at a fast pace, so my hope is that by explaining the flags here in advance of your Track Day you will fully understand them. (note: the meanings of the flags may be different at some tracks. Pay attention at the Meeting!)

Green. The track is clear; you can move at speed. (At some events the absence of any flag being displayed means the same thing. This will be explained at the Meeting.)

Yellow. No passing is permitted. Be cautious. If the yellow is displayed stationary (motionless) there is a car or other impediment off the track. If it is being waved, the  impediment is on track. Slow down and be careful. You can resume passing when you have passed a flag station which is not displaying the yellow flag.

Blue. This is the passing flag: A faster car is approaching you; you should let it pass at your next convenient moment. (This flag may or may not have yellow stripes on it.)

Yellow&Red.  This is the Debris Flag, signifying that there is an object (or liquid, such as oil) on the track – you should slow down and avoid the object.

Black. Slow down and pull into the pits at the end of this lap. If it is displayed at one flag station only and is pointed at your car (and no other), either you or your car has a problem. [The flag may have an orange circle inside the black area.] If all the flag stations are displaying the black flag, all cars are required to pull into the pits at the end of this lap.

White.  There is a slower-moving vehicle such as an ambulance on the track – be aware and slow down when it is in view.

Red.  Stop safely on track right away. There is need for an emergency vehicle on the track. All cars are to stop (safely) on the side of the track as soon as they see this flag.

Checker.  The track session is finished. Slow down, finish this lap and pull into the pits.