Raves from users of the Brake Tool

Just used my new brake tool for the first time. My very first thought was, "Why didn't I buy this a year ago". This tool takes the pain out of dealing with the front caliper spring. Definitely glad I ordered one.

I think it's cool how you ever figured it out. Sure makes working on those PITA springs a joy!

Space Coast GT3

I bought the brake pad spring remover and the pad spreader from you guys and all I can say is WOW. It makes child's play out of the job. Wish this had been available years ago. Ingenious.


Works perfectly. Saves my hands. Makes a ten minute job 30 seconds.

Jonathan Sasportas

No affiliation at all but I'm lazy and spent the $50 on this thing.

Let me say - IT IS AWESOME.

I've changed pads a ton of times without it and while it is not so difficult, this tool makes it a joke.

Thumbs up for a great product.

We have all likely spent $50 on dumb things for our cars, this one actually works.

Jason Friedlander

I used the TraqJunk Brake tool on my GT3 for the first time last weekend.  I have to say that it made the job very easy.  It's one of those, why didn't I think of that...  SO  Thanks for thinking of that!  

Also the tool does work on my V8 Touareg.


Dave Thoman

Dell and I used the tool today to reinstall my street pads. Simple and effective. Definitely worth it.

SH || NC

I just ordered mine today. I heard from others that they are a must-have if you do your own pad changes.

Just used mine yesterday.. It works GREAT..


These tools really do make the job easy.
Anyone who changes their own brake pads and owns a GT3 should have these tools or they are working way to hard. The spring clip tool makes the job child's play.
The Spring clip tool is a "must have".
Such a simple device that makes a world of difference.
I like the pad spring tool -- every tech on the planet working on Brembo brakes should have one.
Carrera GT

As Scott said, we did his brakes today to put his street pads back on. I'm here to tell you, there is no way Fred is a millionaire in the making from these products. Sounds like he was an enthusiast that used his own frustration that we all feel to make a job easier and passed along the idea to use for a minimal reap on his time. If we calculated the time he spent on R&D as well as his cost to make them and time invested, there is no gain here. Thanks for making a great product Fred!