Who Are We?

TraqJunk is devoted to making stuff for track junkies like us -- useful things which aren't easily available.

As of September 20, 2014 we have closed TraqJunk operations.

The new Porsche 991-based GT3 does not have front brakes which are compatible with our main product -- the GT3 Brake Tool, so this seems like a good time to close our doors.

If you want to contact us, you still can do so via the CONTACT US link.

We want to thank our customers over the last years -- we have appreciated helping them.

Fred Pack

What Did We Have?

Price $39.95

Price $54.95

  • Seat belt buckle. This clicks right in and shuts off the annoying buzzer, so you can use your track belts in peace and quiet. We confirm that it works in Porsche, Audi and BMW. We don't know about other cars. If it doesn't work with your car, return it for a full refund. (Intended for use only off public roads in conjunction with other safety belts! Abide by all laws and regulations!)

  • Price $24.95


    Shipping&Handling Policy: Seatbelt buckle or Tire Mounting Pin -- no cost; Brake Tool, Brake Pad Spreaders -- $7.50 (in USA/Canada) regardless of quantity. Shipping cost outside USA/Canada on a case-by-case basis.

    Money-back guarantee for brake Tool: Use the brake Tool for up to 2 months after purchase, and if you don't like it, contact us for an RMA number, explain the nature of your dissatisfaction and we'll refund your money promptly.

    Privacy Policy: TraqJunk will share your information with no one!