Who Are We?

TraqJunk is devoted to making stuff for track junkies like us -- useful things which aren't easily available.

As of Fall 2019 we are considering resuming operations of TraqJunk if there is enough interest in our GT3 Brake Tool. The price of the Brake Tool will be $120. If we go ahead, we will make deliveries before the 2020 track season begins. To let us know your interest, send an email to fhp911@gmail.com telling us that you are interested in the brake tool. We will contact you when we have decided about production.

If we go ahead, we will collect deposits of $50 from each customer, fully refunded if we don't proceed due to insufficient interest.

We will also be offering the Brake Pad Spreader, for $50, if we go ahead with the Brake Tool. (Steel rotors only; no PCCB.)

We hope to get back into production!

Fred Pack

What Will We Have?

Price $50.00